How to order Exiel Padded Weapons

EPW Standard-Flat price:$150USD
(without shipping and package)
Models differ from the measurements on the website can also be custom made.

Custom made models:$170USD plus.
Price may vary with each and every design.

We are responsible for each and every product.
In order to maintain the quality, each EPW is designed and made manually.
Therefore it’d take longer to deliver.

  • 日式短刀

    Step One

    Choose your weapon

    EPW offers standard and customized models. EPW can be ordered through our EPW FB page or E-mail. Customized orders would need to provide measurement details or the actual models. Measurement details include size (blade, handle), weight and the location of COM. The quotation will be offered AFTER the design is finished. (Out of durability and authenticity concern, ATM we do not accept orders which require unreasonable light weight with long blade and COM too close to the hand.)

  • 巨型手半劍

    Step Two


    Once agreeing on the quoted price, customer must wire the first half of the price as deposit to establish the order. We will start to schedule production after the order being confirmed. Should the customer regrets after making the order, the deposit will no be returned.

    Paypal account :

  • 中國劍

    Step Three

    Order Complete

    After the production is finished, we will inform the customer to wire the remaining half of the price, as long as the shipment fee. If the customer requires receipts, please inform us the EIN number and the info of the receiver.

  • 彈性劍尖

    Bonus Step

    When using EPW

    1. Treat EPW like a real weapon. Don't do anything too violently that can damage a real sword.
    2. Fight your opponents with the staff. Don't use the handle or guards on your opponent.
    3. Avoid hitting the tip onto the ground.
    4. Don't thrust extensively.
    5. Use the first 1/4 of the blade to cut.
    6. Once being hit, please stop your movement and raise your hand out of sportsmanship.
    7. Don't target your opponents’ weapons. Target their bodies.
    8. Don't fight with brute force.
    9. Please wear Gears (Helmet、Gloves) while sparring; Don't use goggles and mitten.
    10. Patented product(s), counterfeiting not allowed.

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 How to order EPW:
Click EPW FB page or sent E-mail for details:
1. Weapons Name:
2. Version:Standerd or Customized.
3. Wire the first half of the price as deposit to establish the order.
See more order details → How to order EPW